Tourist has amazing reaction to meeting dog in nightclub

Jun 03, 2018

This tourist fills up with joy after meeting an incredible individual in a nightclub – a small chihuahua. In a video captured in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 2, Canadian student Nathalie Scott can be seen picking up the nonplussed dog in a busy nightclub. As soon as the pooch is in her arms, her face lights up."Her face says it all," reads text on the clip. Scott writes: "Our first night out in Bangkok and I saw a dog from across the bar. "I just HAD to ask the bartender if I could pet the dog and/or pick him up. "The barmaid just hands the dog over like it was nothing, but to me it was EVERYTHING. "Definitely the best night out ever!"++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++