Narrow escape for spectator after bull makes astonishing leap

Mar 07, 2018

A spectator narrowly escaped getting crushed when a bull made an amazing leap across the road during a traditional village sport in India. The man was scrambling to make way for the bull, which came in running from a narrow lane. The organisers had stopped vehicles on either side of a busy road to let the bull pass.To everyone’s surprise, the bull leaped across the road, easily clearing a distance of over 20 feet. The 400-kg animal almost landed on the man and even knocked him aside. But to his good fortune, the bull landed a little away from him and continued with its run. The lucky man managed to get back on his feet and walk away, albeit in a daze.The incident occurred at a village near the city of Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India, on January 16, during a Jallikattu bull-taming event. In Jallikattu, a traditional sport, a bull is released into a crowd of participants, who try to restrain it with bare hands, as it starts running wildly. An organiser, G Balakrishnan, blamed the incident on an SUV driver, who tried to sneak through without waiting for the bull to pass. “The bull saw the vehicle move suddenly and reacted like that,” he said.