No-Sew Bow Tie Collar

Jun 07, 2016

Here's how to make a no-sew bow tie for you little doggy!Items Needed:• Fabric scissors• Fabric for bowtie• Thick pre-trimmed ribbon for the collar part• Velcro squares• Glue gunInstructions:1. Cut fabric approx.. 4x9 inches for bowtie2. Fold in top and bottom sides, and overlap slightly3. Fold in left and right sides4. Cut skinny strip of fabric approx.. 2x5 inches5. Pinch center of folded fabric to get nice bow shapes6. Use the skinny piece of fabric to tie around center of bow, secure with hot glue7. Add Velcro square (scratchy side) to center and far right end of the ribbon8. Add fuzzy side of Velcro square on the left end and back on ribbon9. Add fuzzy square to back of bow10. Stick the bow to center of ribbon, and attach ends together