Too cute! Man gets help from his pet pug to propose

Apr 15, 2018

An emotional video from the Newsflare archive of a man enlisting the help of his pet pug to propose to his girlfriend.The footage, shot in 2015 at the couple's home in Tel Aviv, Israel, shows Nadav Weinberg and his girlfriend Debbie sitting down to a surprise brunch which he prepared for her.Roxie the pug enters with a ring box attached to her back and Nadav gets down on one knee and pops the question to the amazed Debbie who immediately agrees."I wanted this special moment to be 'us' as much as possible," Nadav later wrote online."The more I thought about what 'us' meant, the more I realised that Roxie, our pug, is a key part of our relationship and needed to be involved some way.""It took Roxie a few minutes to get used to the box. She was very confused and rolled around on the ground with the diamond on her back".