Dashcam captures truck nearly hitting van head-on during blinding snowstorm

Apr 12, 2018

A dashcam video captured a truck nearly hitting a van head-on when it tried to pass during a zero-visibility snowstorm. The van was forced into the ditch to avoid the collision.“I captured this on my dashcam April 4, 2018, around 3 p.m. near Elmvale, Ontario, during severe whiteouts due to blowing snow,” the filmer said. “I came to a stop on the highway because the vehicle in front of me forced me to,” the filmer continued. “A truck then tried to pass us in zero visibility and nearly crashes head on with oncoming traffic.”“The driver of the van was forced into the ditch. The truck pulled over for a minute but then fled the scene. I gave the driver of the van my phone number in case he wants this video.”The filmer noted that the date on the dashcam video itself was incorrect.