Mariachi dances in support of Mexican community on bridge over San Diego freeway

Apr 10, 2018

A Mariachi dancer entertains busy commuters on the 5 South freeway in San Diego by dancing in support of the "La Raza" movement.The video, which was shot on March 10, shows Frankie Javier Ortiz dancing on a bridge over a busy freeway near San Diego, California.Frankie Ortiz says that the reason why he dances on the bridge is to "make the busy commuters smile". "It also symbolises Mexican pride", he explained. "I want to give it back to the Mexican community in San Diego", he continued.Frankie Ortiz has been dancing since October 2017 and he explained that dancing has always been a hobby of his.He said that he got the idea from his mother: "I actually asked my mom if I should go out and exercise or dance and she said whatever makes the people happy so I give her all the credit."++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++