Adorable couple’s gender reveal fail leads to priceless reaction

Mar 09, 2018

An adorable couple’s gender reveal fail led to a priceless reaction when the husband accidentally shot a cannon filled with confetti the wrong way.“As newlyweds, we were so excited to find out that we were pregnant!” the wife said. “It was one of the first babies to be born on both sides of our families. We wanted to do something fun for everyone, so we ordered a blue cannon and a pink cannon.”“But the cannon was proving more difficult than expected,” the wife continued. “My husband turned it around (the proper way), and my sister told him to flip it back around because it was backwards. So when we tried to shoot the cannon, it did not work. My husband tried to muscle it, but it still wouldn’t work. I then pointed out that there were small arrows running along the top portion of the tube. We settled in for our picturesque moment and BOOM! My husband shot himself in the family jewels. And proceeded to blame my sister. It wasn’t the exact moment we were thinking of, but it was definitely a very ‘us’ moment!”