Watch a fearless small bird attempt to land on an eagle's head

May 12, 2018

A fearless small bird attempted to land on an eagle's head in Kruger National Park in South Africa.In the video, a fork-tailed drongo tries to land on an eagle’s head several times, but the eagle shakes its head to get rid of the smaller bird.“During a bird watching safari in the Kruger National Park, we came across a large and magnificent looking eagle sitting at the very top of a large tree,” the filmer said. “This raptor was identified as a juvenile martial eagle. These majestic creatures are the largest eagles in Africa.”“Suddenly, a small black bird arrived out of nowhere and hovered above the head of the eagle,” the filmer continued. “To our amazement, the bird then amusingly attempted several times to land on the eagle’s head. The eagle, which was not really looking very bothered at all, would just slightly move his head every time and the bird would move away. We were astounded by what we saw.”“The black little bird was identified as the fork-tailed drongo. These birds are incredibly specialized and intelligent. At the same time, these feisty birds have a reputation for being cocky and fearless.”