Terrified lion family trapped in tree by fierce hyenas

Apr 12, 2018

A video shows a rare and intense sighting of three terrified but angry lions trapped in a tree by a group of fierce and determined hyenas.Lions and hyenas are the top predators on the African continent. These apex predators have been locked in a fierce rivalry for centuries. A lion would dominate a hyena one on one purely due to their size. Hyenas, on the other hand, have the ability to stand together and gang up against lions. When hyenas outnumber lions, these big cats stand no chance.Lions aren't known for their tree-climbing abilities. They do, however, climb when they really have to, especially when their lives depend on it. This lioness, together with a sub adult and a 10-month-old cub, were outnumbered by these hyenas. The biggest threat was to the little cub, which the hyenas targeted from the beginning. At one stage, the cub nearly fell out of the tree and the extreme excitement in the hyenas could clearly be heard. These predators would kill each other’s young without any hesitation. The sounds and noises made by these predators were surreal and clearly confirmed the hostile vibe that exists between these top predators of the African wild.