Mounted archery becomes increasingly popular among young Indonesians

May 17, 2018

Mounted archery has its roots among the warriors of the Mongolian and the Ottoman empires. But now, hundreds of years after the demise of these empires, the sport is making an unlikely resurgence in Indonesia. Video shows young Indonesians in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, practising archery and horse riding ahead of a competition.Bambang Minarno, who took part in the competition, says in the video that the sport requires vast amounts of training."The entire movement of the archer is done without using the eyes," he says. "This ranges from taking arrows, placing the arrows in the bow, and controlling the horse without looking."He adds: "The feeling and technique should be trained". The connection between human and horse is also critical, according to Mohammad Akmal Bin Mohammad Dahlan. He says: "Archers should get used to the feel of their horses."This will make the archer able to read the horses mind and its desires."This is the secret to the skill of a successful archer."The film was captured on May 14.