Indonesian teenagers mark start of Ramadan with firecracker battle

May 17, 2018

Hundreds of Indonesian teenagers mark the start of Ramadan by throwing firecrackers at each other. Video filmed on May 17 in Palembang, Sumatra, shows hundreds of youngsters engaging in the firecracker battle outside the Kuto Palace at dawn. The famous Ampera bridge can be seen in the background through the smoke from the bangers.The tradition takes place after the first meal of Ramadan before Muslims begin their month-long fast. But the tradition is unauthorised and unguarded, and locals are worried about the lack of security and the mess the event causes. The square outside Kuto Palace is left covered in debris and rubbish after the event, and visitors who want to visit the area fear they cannot do so. Aljabbar, who was interviewed with his son, said: "For us as visitors, this firecracker battle is very annoying and noisy and my son cannot play here and hold me."