Ghost BFF: Episode 2

Feb 27, 2018

As once-BFFs, Tara and Amy were inseparable. Tara was a reckless musician; Amy, a talented painter. As twenty-somethings, their friendship was pure, unadulterated fun. But, everything changed when Tara, following a period of depression, killed herself, leaving behind a shattered and heartbroken Amy. Cut to present day: Tara has been dead for three years and Amy has seemingly moved on; she’s quit painting and is engaged to Mitchell, a nice, conservative guy. Suddenly, Tara appears, completely freaking Amy out and a bizarre reunion follows. Tara challenges Amy on her new life, her past decisions and her future. Amy is left with the stunned realization that not only is her now ghost-BFF back from the dead but her past and future are about to collide. The tsunami that is Tara’s return forces Amy to take a hard look in the mirror and question who she is and where she’s going.**************************************************Created by Vanessa Matsui. Produced and Co-written by Katie Nolan***************************************************US Resources for Suicide Prevention: Resources for Suicide Prevention :***************************************************FOLLOW: