Investigation into Hither Green burglar continues as police chief warns of removing shrine

Apr 12, 2018

Two burglars entered a property on South Park Crescent in Hither Green, South London on April 4. The owner of the home, 78-year-old, Richard Osborn-Brooks found them inside and allegedly stabbed one of them to death after being threatened with a screwdriver.38-year-old Henry Vincent then left the property and collapsed nearby where he was found by paramedics with a stab injury to his upper body.He was taken to hospital but died soon after 3.30am.Police are still searching for Billy Jeeves, who is also suspected to be involved in the break-in although his van was found totally destroyed and burnt in Orpington.The home owner Richard Osborn-Brooks was initially arrested on suspicion of murder, but released with no further action.This has opened up national discussion about whether or not it is right to kill a burglar.Throughout the week, the street has become what can only be described as a floral battleground; the family of the deceased burglar have been tying flowers and balloons to the fence opposite the house involved as a shine to him whilst others have been tearing down the memorial.