Woman repeatedly yells ‘I didn’t slap him’ after being removed from plane

May 10, 2018

A woman repeatedly yelled, “I didn’t slap him,” after she was removed from an airplane.The filmer said he captured the moment at the Kansas City International Airport at a Southwest Airlines gate on May 8, 2018.In the video, the woman can be heard repeatedly yelling, “I didn’t slap him,” inside the airport terminal after being removed from a plane.The airport police appear to be handcuffing the woman as she continues to yell. She also yells at a man across from her who appears to be her husband. “No, I didn’t slap him. Why are you doing this? That’s my husband,” she says. Then she looks at the man and says, “Todd, why would you even say that?”As the police lead her away in handcuffs, she yells, “I didn’t slap him. I would never touch my husband.”