Child 'police officer' spreads love at nursing homes with hugs and flowers

Apr 10, 2018

+MUSIC IS ROYALTY FREE+Little Oliver just can't help helping others.The six-year-old from Overland Park in the US state of Kansas dressed up as a police offer recently, visiting nursing homes and handing out flowers and "tickets" to senior citizens that read "You get a ticket for being too cute!"He also gave them hugs.Writes mother Brandi: "People cry and stop me and say this is the best thing they have seen! He told me his New Year's resolution was to go to more nursing homes. It was February and he asked why haven’t we gone to a nursing home yet? I love to see him interacting the residents. He really loves it also!" She adds: "Oliver thinks he is a real policeman! His duty right now is to help the community! The local police department gave him an honorary badge for helping."