Sri Lankan rangers rescue baby elephant after it falls down well

Apr 10, 2018

This is the moment a group of wildlife officers in Sri Lanka rescue an elephant after it fell down a well.Video from near the town of Ampara shows a concerned elephant looking on as the group of humans try to dislodge its baby from the well in a paddy field. The rangers were reportedly first attacked by the elephant’s herd when they tried to help, but eventually managed to get involved, according to the filmer. They start by using a digger to uncover the area near the well, uncovering a cylindrical block of concrete.After removing the concrete, some of the men help the wounded animal out of the well. Veterinary surgeon Nihal Pushpakumara from the Nutrition Department of the Ampara Wildlife Unit inspected the elephant after it was removed and discovered it had suffered wounds to the stomach, according to the filmer. After marking the elephant with spray paint, the rangers let the calf loose, causing it to briefly charge at the group before it rejoins its mother and walks off into the jungle. The video was captured on April 6.