Leopard trapped in house tries to escape through window

Apr 16, 2018

A leopard, which had got trapped in a house, tried to escape by leaping out of a window.The video shows the moment the animal leaps over 10 feet from the floor to charge an official standing at the window outside the building.The official, who was trying to shoot darts at the leopard, backs out in the nick of time.The incident occurred in Nagpur, India, on April 15.Residents were surprised to find a leopard roaming the streets of Nagpur.Scared by the crowd, the animal entered the house of a police official called Parag Vaysakar.Vaysakar spotted the animal in his bathroom. Though shocked, he managed to close the door and alerted the local officials, who launched a rescue operation that lasted nine hours.The officials took the leopard away to later release it in its natural habitat.