Photographer witnesses endangered shark hunting suckerfish just metres from shore

May 16, 2018

An endangered shark hunts down a lone suckerfish in shallow water in incredible footage filmed in Australia. Video filmed on May 12 in Forster, New South Wales, shows the moments leading up to the attack. A remora, also known as a suckerfish, swims haplessly in the waters around Main Beach as it is eyed up by a Sand Tiger shark nearby. The shark - which is critically endangered and a protected species in Australia – follows the remora into the shallow waters. Filmer Daniel Kirkman, a photographer in Forster, spotted the scene as he was walking along a break wall on the beach, and was intrigued by the shark’s choice of prey. He told Newsflare: “Remoras play an important role with sharks, whales and rays. "They eat any scraps left behind but also clean the sharks of bacteria on the skin, essentially responsible for their hygiene.“It is for this reason that to witness the shark hunt down and feast on the Remora so amazing. “Here is a fish that spends its life keeping the host clean, only to be then made lunch by the host!”So determined was the predator to catch this prey, it almost beached itself.“I actually thought at one stage I was going to have to drag it out deeper,” said Kirkman. Forster, located 305 kilometres (190 miles) north of Sydney, is not unfamiliar with shark interactions.The Australian Autumn sees smaller fish come closer to the shore, bringing in heightened shark activity.But Kirkman didn't expect to see what he did.“You don't usually see sharks in such shallow water like that so I was just enjoying watching it does in its natural environment,” Kirkman said. ”To have all this happen at the time I was recording and within touching distance right at my feet was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”