Bored twin desperately tries to wake her napping sister to play

Apr 12, 2018

This fifteen-month-old twin isn't happy that her sister has fallen asleep. Video shows how Anneke can't help but bother her twin Lucy - even when she's in a deep slumber. Sitting in two high-chairs side-by-side, Anneke picks up her sister's arm in a futile attempt to get her attention. She even tries sticking her fingers in Lucy's mouth, but she does not stir. The girls' parents wrote: "We were on a family trip to Mexico and out for dinner at the resort and Lucy fell asleep. "Anneke having had a longer nap earlier that day wasn’t tired and decided to see if her sister wanted to wake up and keep her company."Alas, not, and she continues doing her thing."The video was captured on March 22, 2017.