Heart-stopping moment cop saves girl from slipping under train

May 14, 2018

A policeman acted in the nick of time to save a five-year-old girl from being run over by a train in Mumbai, India. The heart-stopping incident occurred at Western Railway’s Mahalaxmi station on April 11.Mumbai resident Mohammad Dishaan, his wife and daughter were heading home after visiting a local shrine when they tried to board a moving train. While Dishaan and his wife managed to board, video footage from the station’s CCTV camera shows the little girl slipping out of her mother’s grasp and nearly falling into the space between the platform and the train. Luckily for her, a Maharashtra Security Force constable, Sachin Pol, was at his desk nearby, keeping an eye on the commuters. Reacting instantly, he rushed to help the girl and pulled her to safety, saving her from a certain death.An eye-witness Ramprasad Mhatre said: “He (Pol) slid across the floor to get to the girl and himself could have gone under the train. He was also lucky to escape.”Both Pol and the girl suffered minor bruises and were given first aid at the station’s medical room.Dishaan said: “The train started moving when we tried to get in and my wife lost her grip. I will always remember the man, who saved my daughter’s life,” he said.Pol’s boss Chief Security Commissioner of Western Railway, A K Singh, is also impressed. He said he has seen the video and will reward him suitably.