Paraglider films whale rescue off Mexico

Jan 31, 2018

A paraglider was on a flight off the coast of Mexico when he witnessed the rare sight of a rescue of a whale, which had got entangled in fishing gear.The footage, captured on January 12 off Cerritos, near Cabo San Lucas, shows the moment a fishing boat approaches the stricken whale.The fishermen on the boat then proceed to rescue the animal and eventually manage to cut it free from the gear.The filmer writes: ''I saw some whales breaching just offshore so I flew over to take a look.'' ''When I got close to the pod, I noticed one whale that looked very pale and I saw that it was tangled in a lobster rig.''I circled the whale for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do. ''A fishing boat saw me circling and approached to see the whales. ''I flew over the boat an yelled down to them that the whale was tangled. ''The fishermen proceed to cut the whale free from the rigging. It took approximately 45 minutes to cut the whale free.''++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: MUSIC IS ROYALTY FREE++