This real-life wave pool in the Philippines looks like the best fun ever

Mar 08, 2018

This is a real-life wave pool drenching holidaymakers in the Philippines. Dozens of beach-goers gathered in the Laswitan Lagoon in Surigao del Sur, the Philippines, to experience the natural phenomenon. The lagoon is behind a 20ft high rock formation near the shore. This geological feature creates three natural basins so that when the surf becomes high, the huge waves would flow and spill into the main basin on the other side, thus creating a waterfall effect.When waves crash into the rocks it produces a large shower which cascades onto those below. Visitor Angel Ortiz said: ''It's super fun and better than being in a water park. It's totally safe. ''The big waves coming down look scary but the water is quite soft. I take my two children there and they loved it a lot.''