Construction workers rescue 32 snakelets in India

Apr 12, 2018

Thirty-two snakelets received a gift of life thanks to a timely rescue. Workers of an under-construction house in Bhubaneswar, India, noticed snake eggs and placed a call to Snake Helpline.The members of the animal rescue organisation rushed to the spot and found a bunch of Checkered keelback eggs abandoned by their mother. Most of the eggs were intact though invading armies of ants had begun to devour on them. The members managed to rescue 32 eggs and put them in an artificial incubator in their office.Lively snakelets began to pop out of eggs on April 10, 16 days after they had been rescued. Suvendu Malik, Secretary of Snake Helpline, said: “All the 32 eggs hatched, our effort was 100% success.”The snakes were later released in a nearby river.