'Rapist in the White House' message projected onto Trump's hotel

Apr 17, 2018

Care2, a social network with 43 million members, projected messages onto the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., that said “Impeach Trump,” “There is a rapist in the White House,” and “Trump is a serial sexual assaulter” on April 16.“The group says the projections are ‘in light of sexual assault awareness month’ and highlight allegations made against President Trump,” WJLA reported.“I was walking in downtown D.C. last night and passed the Trump hotel when I saw ‘Impeach Trump’ projected on the side of the building so I was instantly intrigued,” the filmer said. “As I walked over to the building, I realized that the words were constantly changing, saying more things about Trump and his presidency so I recorded.”“A few people were recording my reaction to it and then a man came out of nowhere and started yelling about how Trump is trying to make America great again and the projections on the building were wrong and unjust,” the filmer added. “He started to get a little unruly so the police had to get involved. After a little while, the projections stopped and everyone went their separate ways.”++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++