‘The doghouse is still standing’: Filmer captures aftermath of Hawaii eruption

May 10, 2018

A filmer captured the aftermath of the volcanic activity at the Leilani subdivision on Hawaii’s Big Island on May 10, 2018.In the video, the filmer can be seen standing on a road with fissure cracks. Ahead of him, huge clouds of steam rise from the ground.The filmer points his camera into one of the cracks in the road, and the lens blurs because of the steam.He also points out yellow sulfur deposits on the ground but remarks that he can’t smell anything.He then points his camera at a doghouse.“There’s the doghouse,” he says. “The doghouse is still standing.”As the video continues, the filmer says he is “smelling nothing” and “hearing nothing but steam.”“I amazed that I’m not smelling any sulfur,” he says.