'Friendly' seals pose for tourists' photoshoot

Mar 06, 2018

A group of tourists had an awesome once in a lifetime experience photographing a pair of seals at a very short distance during a trip in the Antartica.The footage, captured in South Georgia Island, shows two young seals appearing to pose for pictures as they lie on a beach a few inches from the tourists. The filmer writes: ''The pregnant females arrive around October and give birth to pups weighing around 40 kilograms (80lb). ''The pups begin suckling immediately on their mother's 'rocket fuel' milk, and are weaned after about 23 days, by which time they weigh around 130 kilograms (290 lb). ''They are then called 'weaners' and are abandoned by their mothers, who return to the sea. ''The weaners are sociable, often lying in contact with each other.''The weaner pups are very curious, and readily approach people when they land on the beaches of the subantarctic islands.''The clip was filmed in November 2015.