Urban Muntjac deer stuck in garden gate rescued in Peterborough

Oct 23, 2017

Footage of a deer being rescued after getting stuck in a gate in June this year in Peterborough, UK. Aminul Chowdhury was alerted by loud screams coming from his garden when he found the poor muntjac deer stuck in his gate. He called emergency services who took 15 minutes to release the distressed but unharmed deer. "This early morning I woke up to a wild screaming sound. I noticed it was coming from outside my front door," Chowdhury told Newsflare. "I was scared as I was not familiar with such a sound, but I realized it was an animal.""I tried to look through the upstairs window and realized that an animal was stuck in my garden gate. Then I called 999, and in 5 minutes one rescue team arrived and rescued the animal in 15 minute," he added.