Incredible escape for man as charging elephant trips and falls

Jul 13, 2018

This is the miraculous moment a man escapes a wild elephant as it trips and falls while chasing him. Dazed by the unexpected fall, the elephant stops charging at him and turns back. The incident occurred near Munnar in South India on June 29. A lone tusker was spotted in a tea garden where a captive elephant and its mahut, Mani, were working. The tusker, seen as a rogue elephant by the local residents, had a reputation for aggressive behaviour. The tusker and the much smaller captive animal came face to face and fearing that the wild elephant may attack, Mani tried to shoo its away. But the tusker refused to budge and Mani was afraid to move the captive elephant in the fear of provoking the intruder. Two friends of Mani saw the standoff and stepped in to end it. One of them tried to sneak up behind the tusker and shouted to divert its attention. The tusker turned in anger and started chasing the man, who was so close to the charging animal, he ran the risk of getting trampled over. Luckily for him, it had rained heavily and the ground at the tea plantation was slippery. The elephant lost its balance and fell to the ground. Though it managed to get back to its feet, it had lost the appetite to chase.Mani, in the meanwhile, had seized the opportunity to move away along with his elephant.