Donkey casually strolls around in local South African pub

Jul 18, 2018

It may seem like a joke that has gone too far, but this donkey really does casually walk into a bar in South Africa.Footage captured on July 14 in a bar in Limpopo province shows how the pub's owners are unfazed by the presence of the braying mule. It casually walks behind the back of the bar before following one of the staff into the kitchen.The pub – called the Thirsty Giraffe – is situated on a farm and the donkey is not the only four-legged punter, according to the filmer.The filmer writes: "Many pub-goers have heard the 'donkey in the bar' joke but there it was literally in front of us, a donkey in the bar. "After standing around at the bar counter the donkey casually made its way to right in front of us where it started scratching itself on one of the serving counters. "While enjoying a good scratch another donkey just outside the entrance starts braying out loud. "At this stage everyone’s attention was moved away from the sports on television. "After enjoying a good scratch, the donkey then rested its head on the counter for a little while, looking really comfortable with its current environment."From there it casually strolled back towards the door and then to our amazement the donkey sees the pub's chef and follows him into the kitchen. "This was definitely one of our strangest experiences ever in a pub."