Brave clerk chases after bank robbers despite getting shot twice

May 14, 2018

A brave clerk prevented two masked men from robbing his bank despite getting shot twice. The masked robbers struck a private finance company at Pehowa in Haryana, India, on May 12.The office was deserted since it was lunch time, and the lone employee, Sandip Kumar, 30, was at his desk finishing up urgent work. The robber asked Kumar to hand over cash. When Kumar pleaded that he didn’t have access to it, the robber fired at him twice. The first bullet hit Kumar on his left arm while the second one hit him in the back. But Kumar resisted the robber and asked him to go away saying other employees and customers would soon start arriving. The robber’s masked accomplice also made a brief appearance and Kumar managed to send him away as well. The CCTV camera, which captured the encounter, shows Kumar running behind the two men as they exit in a bid to raise the alarm. But the two men escaped and Kumar’s colleagues rushed him to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. A local police official, Jai Narain, said the two armed men had arrived on a motorcycle without number plate. “We have launched a manhunt to nab them,” Narain said.