Fergie's New Album Features 'Emotional' and 'Autobiographical' Music

Sep 21, 2017

   Splash TV
Fergie is proving that maybe big girls do cry after her split with Josh Duhamel, and her new album will definitely be a testament to that. She tells Us Magazine, “There’s a few emotional songs on this album. I mean, I cry in a couple of the videos, so there’s definitely tears that were let out.” Fergie seems completely focused on performing and releasing her new music, but of course everyone is mostly interested about her split. Her new singles are an opportunity to simultaneously express both. She tells Us, “Two of the emotional songs are, ‘Love is Pain,’ and ‘Save it Till Morning.’ Those are ones that I definitely tear up in the video… It went deep… A lot of them took very much from autobiographical experiences.” Hopefully the new album will give fans a chance to get the personal insight they want, while allowing Fergie to just focus on the tunes.