Elephant charges at leopard in territory row in Zimbabwe

Jul 18, 2018

Incredible footage shows the moment an elephant chases a leopard as part of an intense argument over territory in Zimbabwe.In the footage filmed at the Mana Pools National Park on May 20, the elephant catches sight of a leopard on his turf and charges at her, causing the big cat to hide in a hollowed-out section of a tree.The filmer, Brett Horley, writes: “The elephant did not relent, as we see in the video, and eventually, the leopard jumped down to make a getaway with the elephant hot on her heels.“Seeing both of these species in one day is something special, but to see them together in one sighting is extraordinary!“When seeing an elephant and a leopard interacting like this, not paying attention to us at all, we felt like true observers of the wild. "That's the winning formula. Did you hear that elephant trumpet? That was enough to give us all goosebumps!"