Indian city slowly dying as coal mining keeps underground fires burning

May 15, 2018

A city in India is slowly dying as coal mining pollutes the air and has caused an underground fire to burn for more than a century. Jharia, in the state of Jharkhand, is known for its rich coal resources which have provided employment for generations of families living in the area. But an underground coal field fire has been spreading, bringing death and destruction to the nature of the region.Dangerous gasses such as carbon dioxide and sulphur oxides have also harmed residents young and old. Footage captured on March 16 shows daily life around the city's coal mines. Both men and women load coal into trucks while children play in the wasteland. Flames lap around holes in the ground due to the vast underground fire.Many of the mines are illegal and have not been regulated by the government. Now, ministers are looking to relocate residents of Jharia due to an increase in publicity over the issue. +VIDEO BY DINESH DUBEY AND RAVI MISHRA+