Indian villagers haul massive crocodile over 40 feet deep canal wall

Jul 16, 2018

This is the moment a group of Indian villagers capture a six-foot-long crocodile and haul it up over a 40-feet deep irrigation canal. The crocodile resists but is forced to give in. The incident occurred at a village in Vijayapura district of South India on July 13. The crocodile was spotted at an irrigation canal, which draws water from the nearby Almatty dam, one of India’s largest reservoirs.The villagers were baffled that the crocodile had escaped from the reservoir and walked over 20 km to reach their village.After villagers alerted, forest officials went to the spot and launched a rescue operation with the help of local men. They caught the 175-kg reptile with nets and tied it up with ropes. “The challenge was in lifting the crocodile out of the steep canal wall. The reptile was unwilling to make the climb. But they managed to lift it step by step,” said Sangamesh Halepeti, 43. The forest officials took the crocodile back to the reservoir later and released it.