Brave villager goes down 80-foot-deep well to rescue monkey

Jun 02, 2018

A villager went down an 80-feet well to rescue a monkey in India. The monkey was at the bottom of the nearly-dry well and was paralysed by fear.The unidentified man climbed down and shooed it all the way up step by step. The monkey got to the surface and ran away. The incident occurred at a village in Yavatmal in the state of Maharashtra.Eye-witness Prakash More, 23, said: “It was risky as the well did not have proper steps. He had to maintain his grip and also chase the monkey up.”A large band of thirsty monkeys had got down the well looking for water. After quenching their thirst many of them didn’t know how to climb to the top. The villagers called the forest officials, who managed to get most of the monkeys to the top with the help of a net. A few managed to climb up on their own. “But one monkey refused to budge, so a villager went down the well and brought it up,” said More.++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++