Abuse outcry after elephant gets prosthetic tusk

May 11, 2018

An elephant in India has been fitted with a prosthetic tusk. The elephant, owned by Kochin Devaswom Board, had lost its tusk in an accident a few years ago. A video filmed in southwestern Kerala state shows a man fitting the artificial tusk on the stump of the left tusk. Animal Welfare activists are up in arms over the video saying there is nothing heartwarming about it. In Kerala, privately owned elephants rake in a lot of money as they are rented out to take part in temple festivities. The artificial tusk is added to make the elephant more appealing to the crowd. Rajeev N Kurup, who has been fighting for elephant rights, said: “The ‘tusk’ is fitted onto the stump of a rotten tooth with the help of screws and steel plates in a rather painful process.” “It is crude and the poor elephant has to endure the pain of the artificial tusk pushing against his often inflamed, swollen gums,” he added.He pointed that many temple elephants are forced to carry prosthetic tusks and urged the government to stop the cruel practice.