Four-year-old’s comments during flight with dad will warm your heart

Mar 08, 2018

This four-year-old boy’s comments during a flight in the family’s Cessna 152 Aerobat will warm your heart.“He really enjoys flying and is very inquisitive,” the boy’s father said. “(He's) always pointing out what he sees and hears and asking questions. This was the first time the audio from the plane was hooked up to the camera to capture his comments.”In the video, the little boy is really excited for what is his third take off. We can hear him shouting "Up we goooo! This is so much fun!" Once in the air he declares that "we are ready for action!" and describes his surroundings. At one point the child even appears to take control of the plane, which was flying over Long Beach, California. The video was filmed in February 2018.DOWNLOAD A RAW UNEDITED VERSION HERE: