Tourists face jail after having sex on beach at 8am

Mar 13, 2018

++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN BLURRED++Two tourists were facing jail this morning after having sex on the beach. The pair had been up all night partying by when they jumped on a large black drainage pipe and began romping in Pattaya, Thailand, on March 4. The man pulled down his partner's denim pants and began vigorously having sex with the woman for over three minutes as she lay on her back.Horrified onlookers filmed the Western pair before shouting at them to stop. They then disappeared down the beach.Police have launched a hunt for the couple who they claim have damaged the image of the popular tourist destination. Police Colonel Apichai Krobpetch, a superintendent at Pattaya police station, said: ''This happened in a public place where many tourists go to relax. ''I do not know where the tourists come from but officers are pursuing them in order to protect the reputation of the area.''Officers have now interviewed staff at the lifeguard's hut on Dongtan Beach from where the pair were filmed. The couple is believed to have been drunk. Officers are now checking CCTV to retrace their footsteps in the area and appealing to the public for more information.