Meet Harry, Meghan, Kate and Liz, four kittens abandoned in box in need of a home

May 17, 2018

+CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS MUSIC IS NOT ROYALTY-FREE+Four tiny kittens, named Harry (the ginger one), Meghan, Kate and Liz were recently found dumped in a cardboard box and will soon be looking for new homes fit for a king or queen. The now seven-week-old kittens were discovered by a member of the public in a box by some garages near Kensal Green, northwest London and later brought into animal welfare charity, Mayhew, which is based in White City in the capital. The kittens were severely underfed and dehydrated, but according to Mayhew vet Dr Emily Richardson "...the kittens were quickly settled into a warm and cosy cabin and were looked after by our dedicated cattery team, who offered them specially formulated kitten milk at frequent intervals. After a couple of days, they were much brighter and back to being cheeky and adorable.” The "royal" kittens will be vaccinated, neutered and cared for until they're old enough to be adopted by loving families. Mayhew charitably works to encourage cat owners to have their pets neutered and runs programs to cheaply neuter and treat cats for vulnerable owners.DOWNLOAD A VERSION FEATURING ROYALTY-FREE MUSIC HERE: