Indonesian authorities trap critically endangered Sumatran tiger

Apr 15, 2018

Indonesia's conservation agency on Sunday trapped a critically endangered Sumatran tiger which had strayed too close to the local population.With a live goat as bait, the trap was installed on April 12 in a secret location in the Palpupuh Forest in West Sumatra. On Sunday, the two-year-old female was found inside the trap, snarling fiercely at all those who approached.The tiger was accused of attacking dogs and local citrus farmers were concerned they could be next. The big cat will be released into a nature reserve.There are only around 400 Sumatran tigers left in the world, meaning it is on the brink of extinction, according to the World Wildlife Fund.In March a tiger was found killed in North Sumatra. It too had roamed close to a village and injured one person. An investigation showed it had several parts missing, including its canine teeth, claws, and skin off its face and tail. These body parts can be used in traditional medicines or sold as artefacts.Other threats to these big cats include habitat loss due to plantations and the depletion of their natural prey.