An Irishman explains why he hates St. Patrick's Day

Mar 14, 2018

+CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN BLEEPED+"I'm Joe and I f*****g hate St Paddy's Day."Surly stand-up comedian Joseph Mcgucken took to the streets of Dublin on St Patrick’s Day last year to find out what drives non-Irish people to wear daft hats and all dress up the same. Mcgucken interviews befuddled revellers, including some American tourists, with some particularly sarcastic questioning. ‘’I just can’t stand St Patrick’s Day. What is it that everyone loves about it?’’ he asks two women celebrating in the street. ‘’Everyone is in such good mood!’’ says one of the women.‘’Well, I am not in good mood!’’ he replies.Mcgucken then continues his tour making fun of people wearing costumes and green hats.At one point an excited American appears on camera: ‘’This is the best time of my life!’’ he screams. ‘’You have to experience this s*** once in a lifetime!’’Mcgucken gloomily concludes: ‘’So that’s St Patrick’s Day: You can’t get a drink at the bars, can’t walk through the streets, messy and sloppy Americans, hopefully, it’s over for the year.’’DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL RAW VERSION HERE: