Cyclist's helmet cam captures driver's close pass that ended with prosecution

May 21, 2018

A driver in Greater London was fined and given points on his driving license after close-passing a cyclist. The helmet-cam video, which was shot in September 2017 in Chessington but has only recently emerged online after the cyclist posted the clip following the driver's prosecution, shows the moments a car driver close-passed the cyclist. The cyclist catches up with the driver at the next set of lights and engages in a heated conversation with the driver, who is eating a takeaway meal while at the wheel. Gesturing to the driver, the cyclist says: "You, that close. You scared the crap out of me."The driver winds down the window and the cyclist continues: "You were this close to me!" "Don't worry about it!" says the driver, who has a takeaway box on his lap and a piece of food in his right hand."No, that isn't how you pass a cyclist. Don't tell me not to worry about because it's on camera and it's going to the police, OK?" the cyclist says before the motorist drives off.The filmer said that he reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police and that it resulted in the driver receiving three penalty points, a fine of £134 fine and £130 in court costs from the Bromley Magistrates Court on April 30.+CLIENTS ARE ADVISED TO BLUR PLATES+DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL HERE: