Monitor lizard drops through ceiling onto workers' desk

Apr 17, 2018

A monitor lizard terrified office workers after it fell through the ceiling onto their desk. The 5-feet-long reptile was heard scampering around the roof inside the accounts department of the company in Chachoegsao, Thailand, on April 6. Worker Kamonwan Buachum, 38, said moments later the beast plummeted through the roof boards and landed in front of her on her desk. She ran screaming out of the office of the building supplies firm while the lizard ran amok through the office. It then hid in a paper storage room.Kamonwan, seen in the footage holding a broom to protect herself, said: ''I was working at my desk and hear a noise in the roof so I looked up and then started working again. ''About 20 seconds later the lizard fell down and landed right in front of me. ''It was very, very scary and I screamed and ran away.''Rescue workers arrived at 12:30 pm and caught the Asian water monitor before repairing the roof. The lizard was released back into the wild.