Girl, 3, has real trouble wishing mom 'happy Mother's Day'

May 14, 2018

This Toronto father wanted to film his three-year-old daughter wishing her mother a special Mother's Day greeting.It turned out to be a little more difficult than he imagined.The video, shot on May 13, shows the very many takes it took for little Avery to say "Happy Mother's Day!" to the camera. "Happy birthday for Mother's Day!" says Avery."No, it's just Happy Mother's Day," corrects dad Paul, gently.Avery then forgets the words entirely, forgets the words entirely and then gets bored and disappears.But she finally gets there, saying to the camera "Happy Mother's Day, I love you THIS much!" while holding her arms out wide."Perfect, you did it!" says dad.Mother's Day is celebrated in the US and Canada on the second Sunday of May each year.