Two monitor lizards feast on dead python

Nov 03, 2017

Gruesome footage of two monitor lizards feasting on a dead python.The ravenous pair of six-foot long long reptiles were filmed gorging on the dead serpent in Sabah, Malaysia.They were seen in filthy mud under a house, tearing chunks of flesh from the snake while slowly devouring it.Shocked Nadia Zunaidi spotted the Asian water monitors but it is not known if they killed the snake to begin with or it died naturally. She said: ‘’It was scary watching them eat the snake like that. It was a scary scene, like something from a horror film. They're scary animals. They were big.''The pair of lizards took several more bites off the headless corpse, having already eaten the snake’s jaws, before dragging it away under the building to continue eating it.Monitor lizards can grow up to 10ft and normally prey on smaller reptiles, fish, birds and small mammals.