Fearless woman skydives from an UPSIDE DOWN biplane

Apr 10, 2018

+CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: MUSIC IS ROYALTY-FREE+This is the heart-stopping moment a woman takes skydiving to the next level, by experiencing zero gravity in an upside-down plane before leaping out of the plane. The spectacular footage, captured in Southern California, shows 33-year-old Melissa Misner flying in a biplane at 4,500ft as the pilot - Andy Bibber - manoeuvres to invert the aircraft.Misner then hangs from the wing of the upside-down biplane before letting go and plummets to the ground below. Later on, she can be seen deploying her parachute and landing safely.Misner writes: ‘’At around 4,500ft the pilot shook the wings and that was the signal to stand up and hold on, dipped the plane and then rose it back up.‘’Next, the pilot inverted the aircraft and since he had maneuvered the aircraft the way he did it caused us to have zero gravity, instead of being whipped out of the aircraft like I expected, I became completely weightless.‘’It was zero gravity, I floated out of my seat and became light as a feather, such an amazing feeling. ‘’You can only be upside down for two seconds because the airplane engine doesn’t work upside down and the plane becomes a brick and starts to fall towards the Earth so, whoops, back to reality and time to give a rock-on hand signal holding on with one hand and let go. ‘’I had decided I would back-track to capture the plane as it flew away then flipped over to stabilise.‘’I was still at 3,900ft - plenty of time to pitch my pilot chute and make sure my canopy was good to land.’’Misner has been skydiving since September 2015 and is based in California, where she works in insurance.Pilot Bibber has more than 30 years of flying experience.The clip was filmed on April 1.