Hero cop risks life to save passenger dangling from train door

Jul 16, 2018

This is the moment a cop risks his own life to save a passenger hanging from a train’s door. The cop grabs the man but loses balance and falls down. Other passengers on the platform rush to pull both of them to safety. The incident occurred at Panvel in Mumbai, India, on July 14. A Mumbai resident, Ravi Balu, 25, tried to catch the Panvel-Nanded Express, which had begun to move. Due to his heavy backpack, he failed to get into the running train. Balu lost his balance and managed to grab the door handle. The train sped away dragging Balu along, who hung on precariously, desperately avoiding slipping into the gap between the platform and the tracks.A Railway Police Constable Vinod Shinde, who was on duty, saw the unfolding mishap and rushed to help Balu. A few passengers, who had Spotted Balu ahead of Shinde, didn’t dare to help him as the train’s momentum could have dragged them also underneath. But ignoring his own safety, Shinde grabbed Balu and fell down along with him. A few alert passengers rushed to pull both of them to safety. Sunil Udasi, PRO, Central Railways told reporters: “The train could have dragged Shinde as well and crushed him. He risked his own life to save the passenger.” The Railway police took the lucky but shocked passenger to their office and cautioned him not to take such risks in future.