Diners use chairs and glasses as weapons in shocking restaurant brawl

Apr 09, 2018

This is the shocking moment two groups of men throw chairs and glasses in a restaurant in Vietnam as part of a fight that put one person in hospital. CCTV footage from the restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City shows one of the men throwing a glass at the other group on another table. The restaurant's owner claims the man thought the opposing group wanted to fight. He approaches the table and slaps one of the men, causing an argument between the two parties. After a brief war of words, the instigator of the fracas lands a punch on one of the other men, causing an all-out brawl. The two groups exchange punches, throw plastic chairs and use beer mugs as weapons for a few moments before leaving the eatery. The video then cuts to another angle of the same incident.One man was reportedly taken to hospital after receiving wounds to his head. The police have fined the men for the incident and they were forced to pay compensation to the restaurant owner, according to the filmer. The video was captured on March 30.