Man and woman take 8 minutes to manoeuvre car into parking space before giving up

Jul 17, 2018

This man and woman took more than eight minutes to manoeuvre a car into a "rather large" parking spot – before giving up. CCTV footage filmed on June 22 in Farnborough shows the moment the hatchback attempts to parallel park – holding up traffic in the process. Eventually, the driver of another car offers to help, but he too has trouble fitting into the spot. After multiple attempts, the car drives out of shot, seemingly having given up.The scenes were captured on the security camera of graphic designer Jacqui Parker. "I was waiting for a parcel," says Parker. "A few days later whilst fast-forwarding through the footage I noticed the car was taking ages to park."The 45-year-old adds: "I found it funny that both a man and woman couldn't park the car."Most people have no problem with the parking space and just reverse straight in."