Python captured after man realizes huge bulge inside snake is his dog

May 15, 2018

A 10-foot-long python was captured after it ate a pet dog outside a home in Chachoengsao, Thailand. Homeowner Arnon Nakub returned from work on May 11 and noticed a 10-foot-long python with a huge bulge curled up outside of his house. When his beloved pet pooch named Chacha didn’t reply to his calls, Nakub realized his dog had been eaten by the python. In the video, snake catchers are seen removing the snake from the side of the home.They set the snake down in an open area, and a huge bulge is clearly seen in the middle of the python.The python is eventually placed in a bag and then taken to a field. “The snake was four or five times bigger than my dog,” Nakub said. “I feel so sorry for him.”